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Whether you’re an expert vegan or you have just begun, finding products that are suitable for you at the supermarket will be much easier by using AptoVegan App.

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If you discover a product that is 100% vegan at your local supermarket which isn’t on our list, you can upload and share it with other vegans. We want for you to collaborate with us!

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Many products change their ingredients to become vegan, that’s why it’s so important to have updated information. Our list of products is revised and verified by our moderators.

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More than 10 thousand people from 5 different countries are connecting to create the world’s largest vegan catalogue on the planet.

¿Why being Vegan is important?

The relevance of veganism at a global level


Animal Rights

The industry responsible for the production of animal derived food is excessively cruel, even in the so-called happy farms. City life and the lack of contact with animals belonging to other species are distancing us from the pain and suffering that we are inflicting on animals when we follow a lifestyle that isn’t vegan. Thanks to the easy access to information that the internet provides, this reality is becoming blatantly apparent, encouraging more people to lead an ethical life.


The future is Vegan

Great entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Erick Smith invest in the development of plant-based milk, plant-based vegetable meats and all types of products that are praised by culinary critics. In the long run, achieving growth in the world’s human population is untenable by feeding animals for their consumption, rather than having a plant-based diet ourselves.


Environmental Impact

Large environmental organizations admit the negative impact that animal production for human consumption generates. In order to produce 1 kilo of meat, approximately 15 thousand liters of water are needed. The livestock industry generates more CO2 than every transport industry combined. In other words, more than every plane, boat, train and automobile that is spewing emissions into the atmosphere. The livestock industry is also mostly to blame for the world’s deforestation.



The benefits of following a Vegan lifestyle are immense. Well recognized doctors and scientists support a plant-based lifestyle to avoid and reverse serious illnesses like obesity, cholesterol and some types of cancer. Animal protein is to blame for many illnesses, the World Health Organization (WHO) deems that the consumption of meat is as carcinogenic as the consumption of tobacco.

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